Music Heard on Air

Music heard on the air for March 4, 2014

Songs played between segments on The World for March 4, 2014 include:

SONG: Jurjinah
ARTIST: Nashaz
CD TITLE: Nashaz
CD LABEL: Ziryab Records

SONG: Spring Heat
ARTIST: Atropolis
CD TITLE: Transitions
CD LABEL: Cumba Mela

SONG: Vinheta Noite
ARTIST: Badi Assad
CD TITLE: Between Love and Luck
CD LABEL: QuatroVentos

SONG: Radio Capital (unreleased instrumental)
ARTIST: La Vida Boheme
CD TITLE: Nuestra
CD LABEL: Nacional Records



And it's Fat Tuesday, so here's a track for Mardi Gras:

SONG: Kermit's Second Line
ARTIST: Kermit Ruffins
CD TITLE: Carnival
CD LABEL: Putumayo World Music

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