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On social media, Ukraine gives Yanukovych the finger

Viktor Yanukovych, the deposed president of Ukraine, made his first public appearance since fleeing Kyiv last weekend. At a press conference in Russia on Friday, he declared:

“I have not been overthrown by anyone, I was compelled to leave Ukraine due to an immediate threat to my life and the life of those close to me.”

He then proceeded to trash talk the Euromaidan movement that resulted in his ouster:

“Power in Ukraine has been taken by nationalist, pro-fascist young people who represent the absolute minority of people in Ukraine.”

But many Ukrainians watching the conference disagreed. During the three-month demonstration, the government’s brutal crackdown on protesters claimed some 90 lives — known as the “Heavenly Hundred.” Many blame Yanokovich for the bloodshed. 

Evidence of money-laundering and a rather oligarch-y mansion filled with luxury cars, exotic animals and golden bread have not helped his public image either.

Fed up with Yanukovych's comments, many Ukrainians took to social media platforms to air their rebuttals. A common theme emerged: Euromaidanfinger, a.k.a., a national flesh mob.



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