We’ve been fans of  Nikhil P. Yerawadekar & Low Mentality since we first featured their terrific song “Run Fast” in our Africa in America 2013 program. Filled with veterans from NYC’s Afrobeat scene, the group takes from the influences that motivate so many of the city’s horn-driven funkateers, and transmutes them through a keen sense of pop songwriting and an understated groove that magically splits the difference between breezy and twitchy.

The first new music we’ve heard from the group since they garnered some well deserved attention backing up Ethiopian keyboard maestro Hailu Mergia, “Industry Dweebs” hits with fascinating post-punk scarcity, something like a mixture between The Wire, Liquid Liquid, and Fela. The group’s singer, Nikhil, has an appealing voice, projecting a quietly tuneful style that matches the low-end heavy track. Check it out- and stay tuned for more!