Ani K, from Kerala, India, paints exclusively with his tongue.

OK so this is relatively gross, but bear with me.

This man, in an attempt to be a "different kind" of artist, has developed a method whereby he paints exclusively with his tongue.


The artist's name is Ani K and when he isn't tilting his head at odd angles to achieve nuanced brushstrokes, he's a schoolteacher in Kerala, southern India.

"I wanted to be a different kind of artist," he says by way of explanation in the above video.

An age-old impulse, to be sure. But while some seek distinction through the content of their work, Ani K opted to explore the possiblities of form and method. 

He didn't jump straight to the tongue.

"I have tried painting with my nose, tried painting with my chin, my elbows and feet," the 35-year-old said. "I also tried drawing with both hands simultaneously, and also while riding on a moving bike."

The tongue, in the end, would serve Ani K, though not without a price.

"After painting with my tongue, I experience pain in my jaws, headaches, slight loss of vision and dip in memory power," he says. "The side effects stay around for two weeks."


With a slip of his tongue, Ani K has painted more than 1,000 works — including an eight-foot Da Vinci and a portrait of Jesus Christ. Keepin' it classic in some ways at least.

If the tongue won't lead Ani K to stardom, there are other ways.

"For the Guiness Records," he says, "I am going to paint four portraits using both hands and both feet at the same time."

Do send word when you do, Ani K. Don't bite your tongue.

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