Tunes played between segments for Tuesday, February 18, 2014 include:

SONG: The Van That Got Away
ARTIST: Zongo Junction
CD TITLE:  The Van That Got Away
CD LABEL: Primary Records

SONG: Nicaragua
ARTIST: Mirageman
CD TITLE: Thunder and Lighting
CD LABEL: Irma Records


SONG: Pony Ride
ARTIST: Neil Finn
CD TITLE: Dizzy Heights
CD LABEL: Lester Records


SONG: Pura Sangre
ARTIST: Jarabe De Palo
CD TITLE: Orquesta Reciclando
CD LABEL: Tronco Records

SONG: The Road to Koprivnica
CD TITLE: New Songs from the Old Country
CD LABEL: Evergreene Music


SONG: El Llanto Del Ayaymama
ARTIST: Juanesco y su Combo
CD TITLE: The Birth of Jungle Cumbia
CD LABEL: The Vital Record


SONG: Somos
ARTIST: Jarabe De Palo
CD LABEL: Nacional Records

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