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A depressed Chinese man tried to feed himself to zoo tigers (VIDEO)


Onlookers watched in horror as a 27-year-old depressed fctory worker tried to feed himself to a pair of Bengal tigers at a zoo in China's Sichaun province.

A depressed factory worker in China's Sichaun province was nearly killed after he suddenly jumped inside a cage at a zoo and tried to feed himself to a pair of Bengal tigers.

Horrified visitors at the Chengdu Zoo looked on Sunday as one of the white tigers dragged 27-year-old Yang Jinhai around by the back of his shirt.

Yang said he found it depressing to see the "noble and magnificent tigers" living in such humble surroundings, where they were unable to follow their natural instincts to hunt and kill.

So he decided to offer himself up for a meal.

Eyewitnesses said the female tiger ran away after Yang jumped inside, and he tried to antagonize the male by making faces at it until it attacked.

Zoo workers were able to tranquilize the animals, but not before Yang suffered 16 minor wounds.

Yang had recently quit his job at a local printing factory, saying he felt there was more to life. His family told local media he had been depressed for a long time, and had been taken to a home for counseling services.