From Syria with love (VIDEO)

While peace talks in Geneva ended Friday with no immediate hope of ending the violence in Syria, activists from the war-torn country sent the world a heart-wrenching message on Valentine’s Day.

The video, posted on YouTube by the group Masarat, includes familiar images of devastation, from falling bombs to shelled buildings and rubble. But the message of the video is arresting: "We are a people of love living under a regime of hate."

The Syrians in the video hold placards saying "... a message from Syria on the day of love" — a small reminder of a populace trying to hold on to hope amid reports of massacres, starvation, bombardment, and displacement.

Just two weeks ago, at least 85 people were reportedly killed in an air raid, including 65 civilians — 10 of whom were children.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government has been accused of shelling Aleppo indiscriminately, with the aim of forcing rebel forces into submission. Some rebel forces, especially those affiliated with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, have also been accused of atrocities, earning the fury of moderate Syrian rebels.

According to its Facebook page, Masarat works to promote the independent voices of the Syrian people and convey their message to the international community.

GlobalPost did not independently verify the authenticity of this video.