A Mexican state has banned parents from naming their children Harry Potter, Facebook and Hitler


Children in the Mexican state of Sonora will be spared from being dubbed Facebook, Scrotum and Robocop.



Parents in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora hoping to name their children Burger King, Lady Di or USNavy will be sorely disappointed.

As of this week, those names are officially banned, along with Harry Potter, Hitler, Batman, Christmas Day and technology-inspired monikers such as Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.

Even Lady Di gets a big cross. 

The civil registry has published a blacklist of 61 names deemed "derogatory, pejorative, discriminatory or lacking in meaning."  Parents will no longer be able to register those names for their children. 

Spanish words for scrotum, traffic and circumcision are on the list, along with Dear Sonora and sponsorship. 

"The objective of the list is to protect children from being bullied because of their name,” Cristina Ramirez, director of the civil registry, was quoted as saying.

“We know that bullying can seriously affect a child's personality and the development of social skills, and we want to do what we can from our area of responsibility."

The civil registry is distributing the list to local offices around the state.

But this won't be the final word on objectionable names. Ramirez expects to update the list as more bizarre and derogatory names are discovered. 

Mexican newspaper El Universal has published a copy of the full list of prohibited names.