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These are just some of the amazing perks athletes get at the Olympic Village

The 2014 Winter Olympics are just days away and athletes are starting to arrive in Sochi, Russia. They’ll stay in one of three Olympic Villages, depending on their sport:

The Mountain Cluster Village and the Endurance Village host the snow sport athletes: alpine skiing, bobsleigh, freestyle skiing, luge, Nordic combined, skeleton, ski jumping, snowboard, biathlon and cross-country skiing.

The Coastal Cluster Village hosts the ice sport athletes: curling, figure skating, ice hockey, short track speed skating and speed skating. 

The Olympic Villages are legendary for their privacy — and their perks. They're one of the few places athletes are truly left alone during the games because the media has limited access. If you've made it to the Olympics, you deserve a few nice things and host cities have definitely competed to provide the best villages possible.

One benefit? Attractive fellow athletes. ESPN notes“... at the 2000 Sydney Games, 70,000 condoms wasn't enough, prompting a second order of 20,000 and a new standing order of 100,000 condoms per Olympics.”

No word on the condom situation at Sochi, but there are plenty of g-rated benefits. Here are just a few:

Free Coca-Cola.

Video games.

More video games. But also dental care!

Those legendary communal toilets.


Slumber parties.

McDonald’s coffee.

Air hockey.

Ping pong.

Mini hockey on the balcony.

Snacks. Glorious, glorious snacks.

But also gyms! (Obviously.)

Biking around with elite athletes, a.k.a., your friends.


Views of the Black Sea.

Crushing the Selfie Olympics.

Just a hint of swag.


Okay, but there are also some downsides.

No ice-fishing in the toilets.

No napping in the fancy Le Corbusier-like loungers. They're for press.

Cafeteria politics. Always.

Hat tip: NBC Sports | Complex