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This is what people on the internet think about the place where you live



I Love Charts

Why is Russia so big? Why is Sweden so happy? And, really, why is Slovenia so damn small? A look into what people have been googling about the world is pretty revealing, at least of our stereotypes.

I Love Charts posted the graphic which maps Europe according to Google's top autocomplete suggestions. The West and East divide is probably the most visually striking, as is the Nordic region's positively utopian Google results. (Click here if you have no idea what some of these European countries are, dummy.)

You also have to wonder if some of the country's secondary results are of recent influence

@Amazing_Maps made a US edition, if you're wondering how the West's other half fared. Some of the more interesting Google results: Why is Nevada so empty? Why is Maine so white? For Massachusetts, googlers apparently wondered why there are so many wicked smaht people (Finland won that honor for Europe).