The Dutch are the politest people on earth. How can you tell? Because someone asked these 23 volunteers to stand there — in full evening dress — while a battle tank tries to run them over. At the last possible second, the driver slams on the brakes in a cloud of dust and pops out to say hello. You can tell everyone is a bit relieved not to be dead by the cheering and clapping.  

The tank is a Leopard 2, which weighs 62 metric tons and reaches top speeds of 42 miles per hour, just like a real leopard (as far as I know).

The West German Army developed the Leopard 2 in 1979 and first deployed it in Kosovo. Since then, the tank has been used by the armies of the Netherlands, Austria, Canada, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Turkey and Chile. Basically, everywhere you would want to drink wine while being crushed by a tank.

The brake-testing stunt appeared on YouTube without explanation. Maybe it’s a secret Dutch training video for an elite squad of Bonds. James Bonds.

Or maybe it’s the Royal Netherlands Army’s answer to the dub sync of “Greased Lightning,” which went viral last week. Your move, Swedish Marines. Your move.

[hat tip: Gizmodo]

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