The following tunes were spun on the Jan. 22 edition of The World. Artists included Boban & Marko Marković Orchestra, Ali Hassan Kuban, North Atlantic Trio, Captain Planet, Dave Sharp's Secret 7, and Salaam.

SONG: Kashaniya
ARTIST: Salaam
CD TITLE: Train to Basra
CD LABEL: Salaam Band

SONG: Desert Sky
ARTIST: Dave Sharp's Secret 7
CD TITLE: Worlds
CD LABEL: Vortex Jazz Recording

SONG: Tounkan Remix
ARTIST: Captain Planet
CD TITLE: Sembeh Ma Fe Fe - Roots Volume
CD LABEL: Stronghold Sound Presents

SONG: Tommy Tarburkas
ARTIST: North Atlantic Trio
CD TITLE: Some Part of Something
CD LABEL: Bird Creek Records

SONG: Abu Simbel
ARTIST: Ali Hassan Kuban
CD TITLE: The Rough Guide to Arabic Cafe (2nd edition)
CD LABEL: World Music Network

SONG: Truba I Čovek
ARTIST: Boban & Marko Marković Orchestra
CD TITLE: Gipsy Manifesto
CD LABEL: Piranha Musik

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