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Watch Japanese fishermen catch a 26-foot, 360-pound Giant Squid

In the handout photo provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries, the world's first intact adult male colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) is brought on board the New Zealand fishing long-line boat 'San Aspiring' February 22, 2007 in the Ross Sea near Antarctica.

The Giant Squid is an elusive, deep-ocean creature that doesn't come around too often. So when it does show up, it's kind of a big deal. 

And it's back!

Well, it was back. Now it's dead.

A few days ago, Japanese fishermen snagged a Giant Squid off the coast of Niigata. It was 26-feet long, 360 pounds, and still alive. "I was surprised — there's no other word for it," one of the fisherman said. "We all started shouting 'giant squid, giant squid' all at once."

Here's footage of the fishermen hauling in their catch:

And some longer, slightly grosser coverage from Japanese news media:

It's the first Giant Squid event of the new year. On Jan. 27 last year, Discovery Channel aired the first footage of a living Giant Squid in its natural habitat. It was awesome. So here's that video, too. Because science.

Where will this slithery, slippery monster show up next?

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