17 delightful animals playing in snow all over the world


A Japanese Macaque monkey relaxes in the hot spring at Jigokudani-Onsen (Hell Valley) on December 28, 2005 in Jigokudani, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.


Koichi Kamoshida

1. These Japanese red pandas frolicking like they get paid.


2. This cheetah and dog chasing each other at the Cincinnati Zoo.


3. This Canadian black bear having a sledding party.


4. This Russian crow snowboarding down a roof.


5. These American snow leopards not even trying to blend in.


6. These Chinese pandas doing somersaults.


7. This Arctic harp seal eating snow (1:45) and acting like a total couch potato.


8. This English cat training to be a goalkeeper.


9. This American corgi doing a belly flop.


10. These Danish bunnies doing CrossFit in the yard.


11. This cat playing ice hockey with unimpressed fish.


12. These Japanese macaques blissing out at the spa.


13. These Arctic polar bear cubs unsure how their legs work.


14. These Finnish bears playing tag.


15. This Batdog looking for Commissioner Greyhound.


16. This English miniature donkey doing some victory laps.


17. This Russian cat absolutely hating his commute.