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We remember some of the world's musicians who died in 2013. Can you?

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Alvin Lee performs with Ten Years After at Winterland in May 1978 in San Francisco, California.


Ed Perlstein/Redferns/Getty Images

On this, the last day before the New Year, we thought we'd go back and remember some of the musicians who died in 2013.

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Instead of overloading you with a lot of information about these artists, we've got a challenge for you. Take a listen to their music in the audio player above.

Listen closely, and see if you can remember who made the excerpts of music.

Some will be easy.

But a lot of them are tough.

We'll start you off with a relatively easy one: A British rocker whose star rose at Woodstock.

That song shouldn't be too hard (hint: he's in the photo above).

But if it -- or any of the other musical excerpts -- stumped you, don't worry.

We've tagged the entire mix of songs with the names of the artists in question in the SoundCloud player below. Or, see if you got the correct answers here.

And, be sure to add your thoughts and personal memories in the comments or right in the SoundCloud player.

Have a festive New Year's Eve!