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'Tookah' is an inspiring new album from Iceland's Emiliana Torrini

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Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini.

Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini.


Emiliana Torrini/Facebook

It's been a few years since Singer Emiliana Torrini recorded anything, but her new album "Tookah" makes up for lost time.

Born and raised in Iceland, Torrini moved to London 16 years ago and navigated the music scene there until this year, when she moved back to Iceland.

The move home wasn't easy. Her country had been through an economic crisis and Torrini had just had a baby. 

She wanted to make a new album, but felt stressed with all that was going on: the move, the baby, a country she didn't recognize.

"And then there was also this funny thing that, when I had my son in my arms, I was like, 'he needs to go to university and needs to eat and we need to get some money' and that is never a good place to start a record," she said. "And I have never ever, ever done that in my life. I have never done music equals money."

But once she and her songwriting partner, Dan Carey, decided not to worry about making an album, she said, the stress went away and the songs came.

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