Music Heard on Air

Music heard on the air for December 26, 2013

Tunes spun between segments on The World for Thursday, December 26, 2013 include:

SONG: Queen of Sheba
ARTIST: Salaam
CD TITLE: Train to Basra
CD LABEL: Salaam Band


SONG: 7th Street Groove
ARTIST: Empresarios
CD TITLE: El Sonido Mágico
CD LABEL: Fort Knox

SONG: Black Orchid
ARTIST: Mr Ho's Orchestrotica
CD TITLE: Where Here Meets There
CD LABEL: Orchestrotica

SONG: Fedime's Flight
ARTIST: Jazzanova
CD TITLE: Funkhaus Studio Sessions
CD LABEL: Sonar Kolletiv


SONG: Techno Salsa
ARTIST: Kotolán
CD TITLE: La Tienda de Groove
CD LABEL: Kotolan

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