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Police beat, arrest abortion law protesters in Spain, says group (VIDEO)


A video released by the group Periodismo Humano shows police striking unarmed women with batons in Madrid on Friday before arresting them after a protest against the country's tough new abortion law.

A shocking video released Monday shows police in Spain beating and arresting several women following a protest against the country's tough new abortion law.

The five-minute clip was filmed by the group Periodismo Humano at a protest in front of Madrid's Ministry of Justice on Friday.

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Demonstrators from the group We Decide organized the protest to demand the resignation of Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon and the withdrawal of the government’s draft law which will restrict access to abortions.

Clashes took place afterward in the Plaza Jacinto Benavente.

In the video, shouts can be heard before police officers are seen beating and knocking several unarmed women to the ground.

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The video has not been independently verified.

The Huffington Post quoted police sources as saying that three women were arrested for resistance, disobedience and assault on a law enforcement officer. One person was covered in blood and treated for injuries after the clash.

Protests against the draft legislation were also held in Barcelona.

The law, which rolls back a 2010 law that allowed women to get an abortion without restrictions up until the 14th week of pregnancy, is expected to pass though parliament.

Francisca Garcia, of the Association of Accredited Abortion Clinics, said the new law would make 100,000 of the 118,000 abortions carried out last year illegal.