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This is Howard. He's the world's foremost impersonator of Kim Jong Un.


Howard (left) is considered the world's first professional Kim Jong Un impersonator.


Philippe Lopez

Kim Jong Un isn't known for giving people breaks.

On the contrary, he is associated more closely with purging the ranks — just this week rumor has it that he ousted his No. 2, Jang Sung Taek.

But there is one man by the name of Howard who received his biggest break yet when the third son of Kim Jong Il assumed the mantle.

"When he first came on the scene, just before his dad Kim Jong Il introduced him and promoted him to the head of the army or something. I thought, 'Man, that's my face,'" Howard recently told Vice magazine.

So closely does Howard, a music producer from Hong Kong, resemble Kim Jong Un that over the last couple years he has patched together a side gig of impersonating the supreme leader.

Howard, who doesn't use his last name in public in order to protect himself from the hermit kingdom's wrath, posted a few pictures of himself on Facebook after Kim Jong Un took over.

It didn't take long for an Israeli production house to take notice. They were making a commercial for a McDonald's competitor called Burger Ranch, which makes burgers for Orthodox Jews who keep kosher and don't eat milk with meat.

"It is fun to play Kim Jong Un because it freaks people out," Howard told Barcroft TV.

"The key is to always look unhappy and dissatisfied. It is his trademark look."

Oh, and in case you know anyone who looks like the North Korean first lady, Ri Sol Ju, Howard would like your number.