Bolshoi dancer gets six years in prison for acid attack


Pavel Dmitrichenko, a leading dancer at Russias Bolshoi Theatre, looks on as he stands inside the defendant's cage during a court hearing in Moscow, on October 22, 2013.



A dancer at Russia's famed Bolshoi theater was sentenced to six years in prison Tuesday over an acid attack on the ballet's director in January.

Bolshoi soloist dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko was found guilty of planning the attack on Sergei Filin, which was carried out by ex-convict Yuri Zarutsky.

Zarutsky was given 10 years in prison, while driver Andrei Lipatov was sentenced to four years.

The three men were also ordered to pay 3.5 millions rubles (about $106,000) in damages.

Filin was partially blinded by the attack, which revealed the vicious backstage atmosphere at the world's most famous ballet.

The attack was said to be planned months in advance.

Dmitrichenko said that he did not think that Zarutsky would use acid in the attack but rather assault him physically instead.

He pleaded not guilty but said he was morally responsible only because he spoke ill of Filin in front of Zarutsky.

The judge appeared to believe that Dmitrichenko did not plan for acid to be used in the attack. However, he said that the dancer was part of the planning, which eventually resulted in the brutal attack.

During the trial Dmitrichenko accused Filin of being a difficult manager, bringing dancers to tears, while Filin said that the dancer was threatening and aggressive.

Dmitrichenko's parents were reportedly shocked by the severity of the sentence for their son.

His lawyers said they would appeal.