Jewish circumcision ritual raises risk of herpes infection, CDC says.
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In an unprecedented ruling, an Israeli woman has been ordered to pay a penalty of $140 a day for refusing to circumcise her son.

The Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem rejected the woman's appeal of the fine on Monday, the Times of Israel reported.

Her estranged husband requested the penalty as part of their divorce proceedings, according to Haaretz.

He wants their son circumcised. She does not.

“I have no right to cut his organ and mutilate him, and the court has no right to force me to do so,” the unidentified woman said.

She has vowed not to pay the fine, which has reached $700, and plans to take the case to the country's Supreme Court.

“I don’t have the means (to pay), I’m not working," she said.

The court ruled her refusal to circumcise the boy was part of a ploy to save her marriage.

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