Black widow spider females are known to kill their male partner after sex but scientists found that males are equally blood-thirsty.
Credit: Ian Waldie

Rarely do we think of the place our fruits and vegetables come from.

That is until one of the animals native to that place pops out of the fruit and tries to kill us!

Black widow spiders have recently been found in supermarket-bought fruit in three states so far.

Shoppers in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota have reported having the deadly poisonous spiders crawl out of packs of grapes after they were opened.

A Milwaukee-area woman bought the grapes at a local Aldi supermarket and said that when she opened the package the spider was inside moving frantically.

A Michigan woman from Brighton made the same discovery and the supermarket gave her a measily $25 gift card for her troubles.

“I looked in the grapes and there was a black widow staring right at me,” the woman told ABC News.

Two other spiders were found in St. Louis in October.

The supermarkets have pulled the grapes and said they have stepped up inspections.

A bite from a black widow can kill a small child or elderly person. It can paralyze an adult if not treated quickly.

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