Helicopter crashes into Seoul high-rise apartments, killing 2


A helicopter plunged to the ground in Seoul on Nov. 16, 2013, killing the two pilots after it clipped a luxury high-rise apartment building in the glitzy Gangnam district.

A helicopter plunged to the ground in Seoul on Saturday, killing both pilots after it clipped a high-rise apartment in the city's glitzy Gangnam district.

The chopper, belonging to LG Electronics, was on its way to a nearby landing field to pick up LG employees and head to another city in South Korea, according to The Daily Mail.

Captain Park In-kyu, 57, was killed instantly.

A 36-year-old vice-captain survived the crash, but died later in a hospital, The Associated Press reported.

No one in the 38-story apartment tower was hurt.

The I-Park building is one of the most expensive apartment buildings in Seoul.

"It seemed that the helicopter lost visibility due to the thick fog," said an official at the National Emergency Management Agency.

The crash marked the first time a helicopter has slammed into a central city building in South Korea. It aroused concerns about the danger of similar accidents as the number of skyscrapers in the capital continues to increase.

Yonhap News Agency contributed to this report.