Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to buying illegal drugs (VIDEO)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford watches a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 24, 2013 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Credit: Tom Szczerbowski

He’s already confessed to smoking crack cocaine and to threatening to kill someone during a drunken tirade.

Now, embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted to buying illegal drugs in the past two years.

But he still won’t quit his job.

"I think we've all made mistakes in life and unfortunately, I'm in a position that it has been exposed," Ford told a council meeting on Wednesday. "It is very, very humiliating, embarrassing and degrading to sit in front of the world and admit what I admitted."

Ford said that all he can do is move on, "and that's what I'm doing." Ford also told the meeting that he was not talking to police about his crack cocaine admission on the advice of his lawyer.

As Ford defended himself in city hall, Justice Ian Nordheimer released a second batch of allegations against the mayor that were part of a search warrant application used in the case against Ford's friend and occasional driver, Alexander Sandro Lisi.

In one section of the document, Ford is alleged to have called three staff members "liberal bitches" and "liberal hacks." It also describes how the mayor pushed now chief-of-staff Earl Provost roughly into the wall at city hall.

According to another court document, which contains allegations not proven in court, three former staffers of the mayor also told police that while drunk on St. Patrick's Day last year, Ford was seen with two women "who may have been prostitutes."

One of the staffers said that after heading out in a taxi for a night on the town at a bar with two members of staff, Ford went back to city hall with the employees and the two women, then later drove himself home.

Prior to heading home, he allegedly drank heavily from a 40-ounce bottle of vodka and cried about his father. Staffers also told police Ford called their taxi driver a "Paki," threw business cards at him and made mocking fake language sounds.

Ford’s latest confession about buying illegal drugs came during Wednesday's council session. The council voted 37-5 in favor of asking the mayor to address his drug and alcohol use through a leave of absence.

A symbolic petition signed by the majority of councilors asking Ford to step aside was also presented during Wednesday’s meeting. The council can't force him to leave office.

Yet there's one man who can make this all hit home: Santa Claus.

The mayor received a letter on Wednesday morning from Ron Barbaro, chairman of the Toronto Santa Claus parade. Barbaro has asked Ford to not march in Sunday's parade, and instead watch from the sidelines.

“Our request is simple, we know the mayor loves the parade, but for this year let’s avoid this distraction and put the focus back on Santa and Mrs. Claus,” the letter says, according to the Toronto Sun.

Ford has so far ignored calls to quit, even on a temporary basis. He’s even vowed to run for re-election in 2014.

His decisions have made Toronto city council nearly unworkable.

Several heated debates and discussions occurred on Wednesday, with one councilor demanding an apology because, he said, Ford confronted him in a threatening manner.

“The mayor stopped me, blocked my path; he physically stood in my way in a threatening way. And other councillors saw this. He ordered me to sit down," Denzil Minnan-Wong said, according to CityNews

Minnan-Wong is one of the more vocal council members calling for Ford's resignation.

Ford made headlines last week after he confessed to smoking crack cocaine in a “drunken stupor.” That was followed by a video showing the mayor threatening to kill someone in an expletive-ridden drunken outburst.

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