Argentina President Cristina Fernandez cleared for work


Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez during on Sept. 29, 2010, at the government house in Buenos Aires.


Daniel Garcia

Doctors cleared Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, 60, to return to her duties on Monday, about a month after she had surgery for a cerebrovascular injury that caused a blot clot, officials said on Saturday.

Fernandez had achieved "satisfactory results" from tests on Friday, presidential spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro said, though the president will still have to undergo more tests, and she will not be allowed to fly for at least another month.

"On Monday there will be a medical re-evaluation to determine the pace at which she can resume her daily tasks," Scoccimarro said.

The test will include a cardiological exam that will help decide the president's workload for Monday and the following week.

On Oct. 8 the Argentine president had a clot removed from her brain after she had fallen and hit her head in August.

Fernandez's return to work comes as her political allies have lost seats in recent mid-term elections, though her party still has a majority in congress, according to the BBC. Fernandez has about two year's left on her second presidential term.