People disguised as 'Catrina' during the celebration of the day of dead in Guadalajara, Mexico on November 02, 2012. La catrina is the Mexican representation of death and this year celebrates 100 years of having been created by the Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada.
Credit: Hector Guerrero

A gang of thieves dressed as zombies and mummies robbed a Mexico City jewelry store during Day of the Dead celebrations, taking advantage of the costumed holiday. 

The thieves made off with almost $77,000 worth of goods during the smash-and grab-robbery Saturday, including 24-karat gold and jewelry pieces.  

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"Five individuals wearing zombie, mummy, Chucky and clown costumes, overnight Saturday broke into the shop and using small and larger weapons, subdued employees," said the public safety office, according to an Agence France-Presse translation.

The thieves apparently rounded up employees using handguns and rifles, then smashed jewelry cases with hammers to make off with the loot, according to the Associated Press. As of Monday, they were still at large.

Nov. 2 is the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, when Mexicans gather to celebrate their deceased relatives.

Many now dress in costume to celebrate, a new tradition the thieves appear to have exploited for their heist. Zombies aren't exactly unknown to the Mexican metropolis, which hosted this record-breaking zombie walk attempt in 2011.

Here's a video report of the zombie walk from Reuters: 

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