Bassem Youssef's El-Bernameg off the air in Egypt after show suspended


Egyptian satirist and television host Bassem Youssef left Cairo Friday morning for Abu Dhabi. His show El-Bernameg was suspended Friday after just a week of being back on air.


Khaled Desouki

Egypt's popular satirical television show El-Bernameg has been stopped just days after it came back on air.

The privately-owned Egyptian CBC TV says it stopped show because it violated the station's editorial policies.

"The channel has decided to suspend Al-Bernameg. The CBC board confirmed that today's episode indicated that the producers and presenter insisted on violating the editorial policy of the channel," the network said in a statement read out by a presenter, according to AFP.

"The CBC board rejects some of the contents of Al-Bernameg episode as it contains insults of some Egyptian nationalist figures," the channel said.

The show's host, Bassem Youssef - sometimes referred the Egyptian Jon Stewart - left Cairo Friday morning on his way to Abu Dhabi, along with his aide Ahmed Abbas.

It is unclear if his departure is in relation to the program's suspension.

CBC TV did not elaborate as to what Youssef and his producers did to violate the policies of the channel.

The ex-heart surgeon turned comedian recently mocked the Egyptian media and the ultranationalist government for its claims about the number of demonstrators who took to the streets to topple the Islamist government in June.

The channel was angry with his first show back from a three-month hiatus last week, which it said mocked "symbols of the Egyptian state."

On his show last week Youssef said: "I definitely do not support the people who attacked us, accused us of heresy, had the gallows ready for us, and publicly demanded our arrest," referring to the Muslim Brotherhood.

"At the same time, I don't support the hypocrisy, deification, pharoahisation and the repetition of the mistakes of the past 30 or even 60 years."

Last week, Egypt's top prosecutor ordered an investigation against Youssef for allegedly harming national interests.