Venezuelan President Maduro sees Chavez’s ghostly image in tunnel

Venezuelan acting president Nicolas Maduro clenches his fist after he was sworn in as acting President, in Caracas, on March 8, 2013. Maduro took over as acting president in a ceremony rejected by the opposition after a tearful farewell to Hugo Chavez during a rousing state funeral for the firebrand leftist.
Credit: Juan Bareto

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sees dead people. Or least at one dead person – his predecessor Hugo Chavez.

During the presidential campaign this year, Maduro claimed that the deceased Chavez had appeared to him as a "little birdie.”

In June, he mentioned that he regularly sees Chavez in the mountains near Caracas. "Every time I see the mountain, I see Chavez appear on the mountain," he said.

And on Tuesday, he told an audience that workers digging out a subway tunnel in Caracas had seen an apparition of Chavez.

El Universal newspaper reported that Maduro said, “(the workers) showed me a cell phone and on the cell phone, they had a photo. They told me, 'Look, Maduro, look at this photo, we took it at two in the morning a number of days ago. We were working and all of a sudden, a figure appeared to us here, on this big wall down here in the tunnel.’ "

Showing a blurry photo to the crowd, he said, "Look at this figure that appeared to the workers. Who's in this face? A look. A look of this country which is everywhere, even in phenomena which have no explanation."

Maduro confessed, "It makes the hairs on my body stand on end just telling it.”

On Wednesday, Maduro elaborated: “Right now, the image isn't there," he said. "Just as it appeared, it disappeared. So you can all see that what you all say is true: Chavez is everywhere. Chavez is you. Boy, girl, woman, artisan, worker."

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