Mayor Rob Ford says he has no reason to resign after police find alleged crack video (VIDEOS)


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford yells at reporters to get off his driveway on October 31, 2013.



Toronto police said they were in possession of a video that allegedly shows Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack.

"The video files depict images that are consistent with what has previously been reported," Toronto police Chief Bill Blair said at a news conference Thursday.

Blair added that he was "disappointed" by the contents of the video, though he did not confirm what they were.

"I have no reason to resign," Ford said with a smile, according to the Associated Press. "That's all I can say right now," he added, saying he couldn't defend himself since the case was being handled by the police.

Gawker reported about the existence of the video in May.

Ford left his home on Thursday to find a swath of reporters on his doorstep. A video posted online by Mediaite shows Ford pushing them on to the sidewalk, yelling, "Get off my property!" before pulling away in his SUV.

The revelations come after an Ontario judge allowed for the release of a document showing details of a police investigation called Project Brazen 2, which led to the arrest of Ford's friend and occasional driver Alessandro Lisi on extortion charges.

The court document, which contains hundreds of pages of evidence, showed that the mayor met Lisi — an alleged drug dealer — 100 times between May and October.

After one particular meeting with Lisi, the mayor arrived at a gala event appearing intoxicated and was reportedly asked to leave.

Police followed the two men for hundreds of hours, deploying cameras, bugs, car-tracking devices and even an airplane with spy equipment.

The Toronto Star reported that Lisi was involved in trying to recover the video.

The video itself was found on a hard drive during drug and gun raids on several low-income apartments in suburban Toronto in June.

The file had apparently been deleted but was recovered by police.

This video shows Blair at the news conference:

This video, posted by Mediaite, shows Ford's reaction to the media Thursday:

These are the court documents that were released Thursday:

Rob Ford police document