Israeli warplanes attack missile storage sites near Latakia, Syria: Officials


An Israeli F-15 Eagle fighter jet takes off from an Israeli Air Force Base on November 19, 2012. European Union foreign ministers called for an "immediate" halt to hostilities between Gaza and Israel as a new strike in a sixth day of violence pushed the toll in Gaza to over 100.



Israeli warplanes attacked a military base near Latakia, Syria, early on Thursday, an Obama administration official confirmed to CNN.

The planes hit a missile storage site that housed weapons the Israelis feared would be sent to Hezbollah fighters, the official said.

Anonymous sources told Saudi-owned media organization Al-Arabiya that the Israeli Air Force struck sites in Latakia and Damascus, targeting and destroying caches of SA-8 surface-to-air missiles.

The official Lebanese news agency reported that Israeli planes were seen in the skies over south Lebanon on Wednesday.

The Syrian opposition has claimed that Israel attacked missile warehouses near Latakia in July. The New York Times later reported that the attack had only been partially successful, with some missiles having been moved before the strike.

The Israeli government has not confirmed Thursday’s attack.