There's a moment in the song "South Carolina" where you swear Munich-based soul-funksters the Poets of Rhythm really is not a German band.

You believe a narrative in which they're all black and from the southern US. 

Band co-founder Jan Weissenfeldt — his name literally translates to JJ Westfield, which he uses on stage (a good name for a soul-man) — first heard rapper Grandmaster Flash in the early 80s. From that moment, he went on a personal journey of discovery, working his way in reverse through the massive back-catalog of soul.

When he met soulmate, pun firmly intended, Bo Baral in school, the pair pooled their energies and talent and formed the Poets of Rhythm, the best soul-funk outfit you've never heard of.  New York retro-soul label Daptone has just released an anthology of the Poets' music, and it's pure ear candy.

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