Sunrise at the US Capitol.
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Global economic leaders remain hopeful that Washington will figure out a solution before hitting the debt ceiling, but in the meantime they've got something to say:


Ksenia Yudaeva at the G20 Summit, Sept. 6, 2013 in St. Petersburg.(Mikhail Kireev/Host Photo Agency via Getty Images)

"We think that taking the situation to a critical level is a highly unlikely scenario."

— Ksenia Yudaeva, first deputy chairwoman at the Russian central bank




Zhu Guangyao, Sept. 5, 2013. (Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images)

The US must "shoulder its responsibility" as the world’s biggest economy and holder of the main reserve currency and “take concrete measures before Oct. 17 to avoid a default.”

— Zhu Guangyo, China's vice minister of finance 



Saudi Arabia

Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf (right) and Bank Governor Fahad Al-Mubarak (left), Feb. 16, 2013. (Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images)

"Any delay in these areas could impact market confidence and undercut growth. In view of these developments, the argument for a strong medium-term fiscal consolidation plan to replace the sequester is more valid than ever."

— Fahad Almubarak, Saudi Arabian bank governor 



European Central Bank

Ewald Nowotny. (Dieter Nagl/AFP/Getty Images)

“Policy uncertainty is yet again at the forefront in the US and threatens the promising private sector-led rebound in activity."

— Ewald Nowotny, president of the National Bank of Austria




Mauricio Cardenas, April 25, 2013. (Ernesto Benavides/AFP/Getty Images)

“The US has always lectured Latin America on the importance of keeping public finances in order — they should really show more stability in their policies."

— Mauricio Cárdenas, Colombia's economy minister




IMF chief Christine Lagarde. (Eric Piermont/AFP/Getty Images) 

“If there is that degree of disruption, that lack of certainty, that lack of trust in the US signature, it would mean massive disruption the world over, and we would be at risk of tipping yet again into a recession.”

— Christine Lagarde, head of IMF




Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, Sept. 6, 2013. (Alexey Filippov/Host Photo Agency via Getty Images)

"So as not to put a damper on these favorable trends, we look forward to seeing the debt ceiling debate in the United States resolved as soon as possible." 

— Taro Aso, Japan's finance minister



Fitch Ratings

The entrance to Fitch Ratings agency in Paris. (Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)

“... undermining confidence in the role of the US dollar as the preeminent global reserve currency, but casting doubt over the full faith and credit of the US.”

— Fitch Ratings



Warren Buffet

President Barack Obama presents Warren Buffett with the 2010 Medal of Freedom, Feb. 15, 2011. (Alex Wong/AFP/Getty Images)

"Credit worthiness is like virginity, it can be preserved but not restored very easily, so it is crazy to play around with it."

— Warren Buffet

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