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The language of dumplings is universal

We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones who make a better day by eating dumplings. 

Think of them like really tiny presents. Wrapped in dough. And no matter where someone is from, they will be happy when you give it to them. 

They are the universal gift, the universal language: dumplings.

1) China has dumplings.

Chaozhou-style dumplings from China. (Stuart Spivack/Wikimedia Commons)

2) Nepal has momos.

Chaozhou-style dumplings from China. (Wikimedia Commons)

3) Russia has pelmeni.

Frozen pelmeni. (Andrew Butko/Wikimedia Commons)

4) India has samosas.

A street vendor sells samosas in Hyderabad, India, Aug. 2, 2011. (Noah Seelam/AFP/Getty Images)

5) Poland has pierogis.

Pierogis. (Wikimedia Commons)

6) Italy has ravioli.

Ravioli. (Wikimedia Commons)

7) Japan has gyoza.

Ravioli. (Wikimedia Commons)

8) Argentina has empanadas.

Empanadas. (Stuart Spivack/Wikimedia Commons)

9) Singapore has fried dumplings.

Singapore fried dumplings. (Wikimedia Commons)

10) Ghana has fufu.

Fufu next to a bowl of groundnut soup. (Wikimedia Commons)

11) America has Hot Pockets.

BBQ chicken Hot Pocket. (Wikimedia Commons)

12) Korea has mandu.

BBQ chicken Hot Pocket. (Wikimedia Commons)

13) Scotland has clootie dumplings.

Clootie dumpling. (Matt Riggott/Wikimedia Commons)

14) Jews all over the world have kreplach.

Kreplach in clear chicken soup. (Wikimedia Commons)

15) Sweden has kroppkaka.

Kroppkaka. (Wikimedia Commons)

16) Iraq has kubbeh.

Iraqi kubbeh. (Wikimedia Commons)

17) Georgia has khinkali.

Georgian khinkali. (Wikimedia Commons)

18) Indonesia has siomay.

Siomay. (Wikimedia Commons)

19) Mongolia has buuz.

Buuz. (Wikimedia Commons)

20) Kyrgyzstan has manti.

Manti. (Wikimedia Commons)

21) The Dominican Republic has pasteles.

Pasteles. (Wikimedia Commons)

22) Brazil has coxinhas.

Coxinhas. (Wikimedia Commons)

23) Chile has pantrucas.

Pantrucas in the making. (Wikimedia Commons)

24) Egypt has qatayef.

Qatayef. (Wikimedia Commons)

Did we miss any? What's your favorite dumpling?