Ex-San Diego mayor to serve probation for sexually harassing women (VIDEO)


SAN DIEGO, CA - AUGUST 23: San Diego Mayor Bob Filner after announcing his mayoral resignation to the city council on August 23, 2013 in San Diego, California. Filner pleaded guilty to three counts of sexually harassing women on October 15, 2013. He will serve three years probation and three months home confinement.


Bill Wechter

The former mayor of San Diego will spend the next three years on probation and be banned from ever seeking public office again after he pleaded guilty to sexually harassing women.

Bob Filner, 71, pleaded guilty to one felony charge of false imprisonment and two misdemeanor charges of battery at a hearing in San Diego Superior Court on Tuesday.

Filner's soft-spoken "yes, sir" replies to the judge were in stark contrast to the defiant tone he took during the effort to recall him from office over the summer.

Filner resigned in August.

"Not one allegation has even been independently verified or proven in court," Filner said during his resignation speech. "But the hysteria that has been created is the hysteria of a lynch mob."

According to the New York Times, Filner's lawyer, Jerry Coughlan, said that the disgraced politician had "learned to get beyond denial" during his treatment for sexual disorders at a facility in Los Angeles in September.

"His conduct, he admitted in court, was inappropriate, over the top and today he admitted it was criminal," Coughlan said.

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In all, 19 women came forward to accuse Filner of inappropriately touching them or making unwanted sexual advances.

One of the misdemeanor charges stems from a "Meet the Mayor" even on April 6. According to the complaint, Filner met the victim, listed as Jane Doe 2, and kissed her on the lips against her will.

"Is that true?" asked Judge Robert J. Trentacosta, according to the New York Times.

"Yes, sir," Filner replied.

Under the terms of the plea deal, the former mayor will not spend any time behind bars.

He will serve three years of probation, three months under home confinement, and be forced to seek mental health treatment.

Filner will also be forced to give up any part of his city pension earned after the felony offense and is banned from ever seeking or holding another public office.

The plea deal marks the end of an era for the former Democratic superstar. Filner represented San Diego in Congress for 10 terms and was a Freedom Rider helping to register African-Americans to vote during the 1960s.

Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleads guilty: