Vehicles maneuver though flood waters on a road in the northern Philippines October 12, 2013. Typhoon Nari swept across the farming region north of Manila, killing eight people and leaving two million others without electricity.

Thirteen people were killed in storm-related incidents as Typhoon Nari pounds the Philippines, according to BBC News.

Over 2,500 people were evacuated before the storm made landfall late Friday. The Voice of America said over two million people had lost electricity. 

The typhoon pummeled the coast with 94-mile-hour winds and struck the nation's rice-growing areas, said the Associated Press.

And as it moved inland, the storm began to claim lives.

One officer was killed when a storm-struck mud wall collapsed on him, one person was electrocuted by an exposed power line, three people were killed by trees falling on top of them, and two children and an older person were drowned in various towns around the nation, local officials told reporters in Manila, according to Arab News

The storm also forced US Secretary of State John Kerry to reschedule his planned trip to Manila, which was to take place Friday and Saturday, said VOA.

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