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How to get served quicker at a bar, revealed


A new study shows you how exactly to get quick service while ordering at the bar.


Oli Scarff

Most scientific research is convoluted and its usefulness is difficult to understand.

Not so with this recent and highly practical German study, which found the best way to get served quickest at the bar.

Many of us lean over the bar, hold cash in our hands and even shout at the bartender.

German researchers say the answer is easier than that: just stand near the bartender and face him or her. Actually, stare at the bartender and don't let your eyes off.

Holding a menu or talking to friends will decrease the chances of being served. Standing like a zombie was shown to be the only way.

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While researching at a busy bar, scientists found that nine out of 10 customers were most successful using this subtle technique.

Less than one in 25 were successful by shouting or waving at the bartender.

“Effectively, the customers identify themselves as ordering and non-ordering people through their behavior," said study author Sebastian Loth, of Bielefeld University.

“Two signals are necessary and together form the sufficient set of signals for identifying the intention to place an order. First, the customers position themselves directly at the bar and, secondly, look at the bar/bartender."

The goal of the research? To help design a robot to serve drinks most efficiently and effectively.

Cheers to that.