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Australian flight grounded by miniature snake


When snakes attack.


Dan Kitwood

A tiny snake on a Tokyo-bound Qantas flight from Sydney kept 370 disgruntled passengers grounded overnight, in a less-than-gripping reprisal of the "Snakes on a Plane" scenario. 

The snake, measuring a mere centimeters, was found on the Qantas international flight before passengers were scheduled to board, writes the Australian.

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Delayed passengers were finally able to leave Sydney at 7:15 AM on Monday after a reptile-inspired extra night in Australia, wrote WaToday. 

The renegade snake in question has been taken into quarantine, while its species — or possible motivations for free international travel — remain very much in doubt, according to the Associated Press. 

Snakes on a Qantas plane aren't exactly a new phenomenon - perhaps not surprising for Australia, a continent widely hailed as a mecca for emotionally distressing wildlife. Here's video footage of an unfortunate python that hitched a ride on a Qantas flight in January, 2013.