Live Chat with journalists about 'Egypt in Crisis'


Supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi raise up posters with the four finger symbol during a demonstration against the military backed government in the Egyptian capital Cairo, on September 13, 2013. Thousands of Morsi supporters rallied in Cairo after Friday prayers chanting angry slogans against the military, with clashes reported elsewhere in Egypt. The four finger symbol, known as 'Rabaa', meaning four in Arabic, is used to remember those killed in the crackdown on the Rabaa al-Adawiya protest camp in Cairo in July.


Mahmoud Khaled

GlobalPost's Charles Sennott and FRONTLINE spent much of the summer reporting from Egypt to find out how the promise of the popular uprising that took down Hosni Mubarak dissolved into social division and the military's reassertion of power.

FRONTLINE's Egypt in Crisis aired on PBS Tuesday night, delving into the question of whether the popularly elected Muslim Brotherhood was ever really in charge of the country. Or indeed, was the military's "deep state" in charge all along? 

On Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. ET, Sennott will join award-winning FRONTLINE producer Marcela Gaviria in a live chat moderated by NBC News correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin. Please join us for a spirited discussion about the Brotherhood's failure to hold power in Egypt and the military's "shadow state" that controls an estimated 40 percent of the country's economy. The chat will stream in the box below, where you can offer questions or comments to the participants.