Hillary Clinton gets her own wine (VIDEO)


Clinton Vineyards' "Victory White" wine

First it was Hollywood. Now a New York vineyard is taking Hillary mania to a new level, bottling it up in a new wine called "Victory White."

Yes, that's right. Hillary Clinton has her own wine.

The seyval blanc was re-released by Clinton Vineyards (no relation) in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley in an effort to generate excitement for the former secretary of state's possible 2016 presidential run.

First released in 1992 after Bill Clinton was elected president, Victory White was released again four years later to celebrate his second term.

The vineyard also re-released it in 2008 when Hillary Clinton first ran for president.

"We're uncorking this new wine to demonstrate our hope that Hillary will run for the presidency in 2016," Phyllis Feder, owner of Clinton Vineyards, said in a statement. "We invite her supporters across the country to join this effort."

In case you're curious, the wine is said to "arrive buttery-soft on the palate with a long, clean finish."

Reaction, not surprisingly, is mixed.

Some want to buy it up by the case, while others...well others aren't too impressed.

"I'd rather drink cyanide," Ry Ellison tweeted.