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'Siberian Mowgli' found after 16 years in the wilderness (VIDEO)


Dubbed the "Siberian Mowgli," this 20-year-old man has spent the past 16 years of his life living in a remote forest in Siberia.


Belokuriha prosecutor's office

A young man emerged from a remote forest in Siberia where he's reportedly been living the past 16 years.

Dubbed the "Siberian Mowgli" in a nod to "The Jungle Book," the 20-year-old man was reported to authorities by a woman living near the town of Belokurikha, a famous resort area in Russia's Altai region, according to UPI.

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In clear but delayed speech, he told officers he was born in 1993 and had been living in the forest since 1997, when his parents chose to abandon society.

His parents then appear to have abandoned him in May this year, AFP reported.

"I'm living well, thank you," the man told the Siberian Times. "We are living well. This is the reality we have that we live here, and it's quite a good reality."

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Following a brief talk with authorities, he went back into the forest, where he's been busy collecting wood ahead of Siberia's brutal winter, according to RIA Novosti.

Authorities are expected to issue him an ID.

“He has no education, no social skills and no ideas about the world beyond the forest,” local prosecutor Roman Fomin told Russia Today.