Former TSA employee arrested after making threats to LA airport


Los Angeles International Airport where Mojtaba Attarodi, 55, was detained on suspicions that he was buying high-tech dual-use equipment for Iran's nuclear program


David McNew

A former Transportation Security Authority employee has been arrested, after he allegedly made threats against Los Angeles International Airport following his Tuesday resignation. 

Screener Nna Alpha Onuoha, 29, was arrested in Riverside late on Tuesday by a federal task force, after he resigned from his job earlier in the day. He had worked for the TSA since 2006. 

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After leaving the job, Onuoha allegedly left a package addressed to an employee containing an angry eight page letter expressing his disapproval of the US, reported the Los Angeles Times. 

Soon after the package was discovered, a caller contacted the airport and told an employee to evacuate some terminals of the major international airport, adding that he would be watching to ensure his actions were carried out. The caller is thought to be Onuhoa, writes NBC Los Angeles. 

Some terminals of the airport were evacuated after Onuoha made his threats, but nothing was found within the facility itself. Nothing was found at Onuhoa's apartment, other than a note inside a closet with a vague threat related to the 9/11 anniversary, writes the Whittier Daily News. 

Onuoha has made headlines before. In June, BoingBoing blogger Mark Frauenfelder accused the then-TSA screener of "humiliating" his 15-year-old daughter for her attire as she boarded a flight at LAX. Onuohua allegedly told the girl to "cover herself." 

"His creepy thoughts are his own problem, and he shouldn't use his position of authority as an excuse to humiliate a girl and blame her for his sick attitude," wrote Fraunfelder of the incident at the time. 

The blog post swiftly went viral, and the TSA pledged to investigate the incident. It's unknown if Onuoha's recent suspension was releted to this incident or not.