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Canada releases Superman collector coin for 75th anniversary



Royal Canadian Mint

Canada's funny money just got a little more heroic.

Canada's Royal Canadian Mint released seven coins on Monday, showing scenes from the history of comic book hero Superman.

Superman's Canadian connection comes from one of its co-creators, Joe Shuster, who was born and raised in Toronto and created the comic with his friend Jerry Siegel, from Cleveland, Ohio.

Shuster's family had moved to Cleveland when he was 10 years old.

Though Superman has a tenuous connection with Canada, Canadians still like to imagine he's one of theirs.

“The generations of young people who grew up reading Superman comics may not have fully appreciated the story behind them,” said Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

“Our government celebrates Canada’s history and heritage and the very values and strengths that Superman embodies.”

The coins are being released for the 75th anniversary of Superman and even feature engravings in his native language "Kryptonian."

According to the Canadian Press, the 14-karat gold coin sells for $750 and the other six coins have a price range from $29.75 to $129.75.

The designs include Superman as he was originally depicted, as well as him in his new uniform.