Andes survivor Raul Fernando Gomez Cincunegui accused of child sex abuse


The Aconcagua mountain in Argentina on February 2, 2013. A Uruguayan man was rescued from the Andes four months after becoming stranded there, Argentine media reported on Sept. 9, 2013.



Uruguayan man Raul Fernando Gomez Cincunegui, who survived four months in the Andes after going missing while trying to cross from Chile to Argentina, is accused of child sex abuse in Chile.

Cincunegui, 58, was on trial in Chile for allegedly abusing an eight-year-old boy when he went missing. He had been ordered not to leave the country, but an arrest warrant was issued for Cincunegui on July 17 when he failed to appear in court.

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"It is believed that he left Chile through an unauthorized crossing since border police were informed of his ban from leaving the country," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

Cincunegui's mother, Irma Cincunegui, said she did not believe the allegations against her son.

"Raul is a good, hard-working man," she said.

Cincunegui was found by chance on Sunday when helicopters flying overhead saw him sitting next to the shelter where he had been living in Argentina's San Juan province. He had survived freezing mountain temperatures by eating sugar and raisins left behind by climbers and rats that he caught in a homemade trap.

Cincunegui weighed just 88 pounds when rescuers helped him from the cabin and flew him to a San Juan hospital.

"It's a miracle. Thank God he's alive. Now the family is happy. I always knew he was alive," his mother said.

The Uruguayan man lost his way while traveling the mountain range from Chile to Argentina when his motorbike broke down. He tried to continue his journey on foot, but became disoriented after two heavy snowfalls.