George Zimmerman in custody after alleged gun incident involving wife

George Zimmerman has been taken into custody in Florida after a possible domestic incident involving his wife, his father-in-law and a gun.

His detention comes two months after Zimmerman was acquitted of first degree murder and manslaughter in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

"As of right now, (George Zimmerman) has been placed in investigative detention," Lake Mary police spokesman Zach Hudson told CNN.

Zimmerman's estranged wife Shellie, who recently filed for divorce, called authorities on Monday to say he was threatening her and her parents with a gun.

"He's in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying 'step closer' and he's just threatening all of us," Shellie Zimmerman said in a 911 call, reported by CBS affiliate WKMG.

"He punched my dad in the nose my dad has a mark on the nose. I saw his glasses were on the floor," Shellie Zimmerman said in the 911 call. "He then accosted my father then took my iPad out of my hands."

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In an exclusive TV interview with ABC News, Shellie said that George was sometimes verbally abusive and hurtful "but never physical" during their marriage.

She also said that being acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin left him feeling "invincible"  and that he has been "making some reckless decisions."

"I think I'm realizing that I have been married to a person for almost seven years, and I don't think that I ever really knew him at all," she said.

Zimmerman has had several encounters with law enforcement since his acquittal on July 13.

He was pulled over for a traffic violation in Texas and reportedly told officers he had a firearm in his glove compartment. He received a verbal warning.

Zimmerman was also issued a $256 ticket for speeding last week in Florida.

He also helped a family escape from an overturned SUV in late July.