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German boy finds mummy in grandparents' attic


A mummy was discovered by a young German boy in his grandparents' attic last month after searching through his late grandfather's possessions.


Cris Bouroncle

A mysterious mummy was discovered by a 10 year-old German boy searching through his grandparents' attic last month.

The perfectly wrapped mummy may have been brought back to Germany by his late grandfather after a trip to Egypt in the 1950s.

There are suspicions that the mummy is from the 20th century rather than an ancient relic of a glorious past, given that the bandages were said to have been woven more recently than thousands of years ago.

The remains are nearly five feet in length.

The body inside the bandages may also consist of several different people not one - which makes this find slightly more disturbing.

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"It is a forgery. Probably given a human body has been used, but possibly several of them," said Andreas Nerlich, head doctor of pathology at Munich Bogenhausen Hospital, according to Der Spiegel.

A local newspaper reported that the skull had an arrow through the eye socket and that its arms were crossed over its chest.

X-ray tests showed that there was a metal coating on the bones and that the body underneath the bandages was accompanied by a "death mask."

Police and prosecutors are waiting for more information on the body and its origins before investigating for any foul play.