One dead, 2 injured in Miami lightning strike


A flash of lightning illuminates the night sky.


Nicolas Garcia

One man was killed and two others were hospitalized with serious burns after they were struck by lightning in Miami-Dade county, Florida. 

Andres Telles and two friends, Fidelmar Montero and Miguel Lopez, were a field when a thunderstorm came up, and attempted to take shelter under a tractor trailer. But the trailer was struck by lightning, which reached the men huddled beneath.

“You felt it,” said witness Janet Suarez, who lives nearby, according to CBS Miami. ”We went outside and all 3 of them are on the ground.”

Suarez and her son ran outside and attempted to adminster CPR to Telles, 31, who was "breathing his last gasps" when they arrived, according to 

"Anytime you have a thunderstorm, no matter where you are, we do advise individuals to seek some type of shelter, we do recommend that you do not stand underneath a tree or close by metal objects," said Miami-Dade Police spokeswoman Robin Pinkard to NBC Miami. 

Lightning strikes regularly kill in the United States, and are especially common during the summer months. According to the National Weather Service, 18 people have been killed in 12 states since 2013 began (not including the most recent death). 

Five were killed by lightning in Florida in 2012, while four have been killed in the state so far in 2013, according to NWS statistics.