NATO base attacked by suicide bombers near Torkham, Afghanistan


Trucks carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan return from Pakistan's Torkham border crossing after Pakistani authorities suspended NATO supplies on November 26, 2011.


A. Majeed

A US military base in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan was attacked by militants Monday.

Three suicide bombers exchanged fire with Afghan security forces, apparently dying by gunfire before exploding their vests.

NATO helicopters were involved in the shoot out, which lasted 3.5 hours. The early morning attack left Afghan forces trying to clear the area, as well as diffusing a car bomb left on the scene.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the strike.

No NATO forces were killed in the attack. The alliance does not release statistics on injured forces.

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The attack closed a road near Torkham used by NATO supply trucks. Militants often attack NATO supply lines coming from Pakistan.

The incident is just one of numerous similar attacks that have mounted ahead of a NATO withdrawal next year.

The attacks are likely aimed at discrediting the Afghan military as international forces draw down.

Attacks on supply routes from Pakistan have seen NATO shift its focus to deliveries coming from Central Asian states to the north.