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Kangaroo fights dog (in water) in Australia (VIDEO)


And we thought things in Syria were bad...



A viral video showing a kangaroo fighting a dog has only worked to promote stereotypes of what rural Australian life is really like.

Yet, instead of portraying kangaroos as cuddly, bouncy creatures, the video has played up the marsupial's feisty side.

The video shows a dog and a kangaroo duking it out in water. The kangaroo, though trapped, seems to have the upper hand, nearly drowning the barking Great Dane.

While most articles accompanying the video have focused on the plight of the dog Max, I think it's fair to assume the kangaroo was scared to death being trapped in a pond by two angry dogs.

Fighting for his life seemed to be the only option.

The dog Max and his white-coated friend were owned by Anthony Gill whose dogs chased the kangaroo into the forest.

Things we now know: kangaroos can fight with their legs and their freakishly long, Godzilla arms; kangaroos look very odd in water.

Oh and they look even more odd while fighting dogs in water.

The dog was later rescued by the person filming the video.

Round two: