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Bank robber survives 21-floor fall during escape attempt


A woman who fell into her garbage chute trying to retrieve her cellphone was saved by trash, officials said.


Justin Sullivan

A bank robber fleeing from police in Syracuse, NY, has survived a 21-floor fall down a garbage chute while making his escape.

Robin Gutheridge, 26, ran into a nearby apartment building after robbing a Chase Bank branch on Thursday.

When police searched the building, a maintenance worker directed them to cries for help coming from the trash compactor in the basement. Gutheridge told police he had climbed into the garbage chute to hide.

"He was able to slow himself down by holding the sides of chute, and the garbage may have cushioned the fall, but he did get severe injuries," Sgt. Tom Connellan told the Associated Press. Police estimated he fell about 210 feet.

Gutheridge is now in the intensive care unit at Upstate University Hospital suffering from fractures and internal injuries. He’s listed in critical condition.

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