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Single guys rarely change their bedsheets, new study says


Single guys hardly ever change their sheets, says a new survey.


Joe Raedle

Women be warned: single men hardly ever change their bedsheets, according to a new study.

A British survey found that the majority of bachelors change their sheets only once every three months.

In comparison, women change their sheets every two weeks on average.

Men aged 18 to 25 are said to only wash their linen a cringe-worthy four times per year. Many admitted that they "didn't see the need."

About 19 percent said that they "didn't care."

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Things change when men shack up with women. Couples change their sheets on average every 2.3 weeks.

Correction: the women in the relationship changes their sheets on average every 2.3 weeks.

Doctors said that although its not bad for your health necessarily, not washing your sheets is probably bad for your reputation.

Keep in mind that a person can perspire as much as one liter (four cups) per night.